The Korean Film Archive (click here for the English page) shows classic Korean films in downtown Seoul, with English subtitles. It offers pretty good descriptions of the films showing, like this one for "Under an Umbrella":

Synopsis :
Dong-won is a down-and-out artist who suffers from despair and dissatisfaction and suicidal tendencies. During a trip to Sorak mountain, he tries to kill himself. He falls in love with Sun-hi, the cabin owner's daughter. For a short time, he experiences true love. But they break up because of Sun-hi's mother. Dong-won becomes a fork crane driver but cannot escape his unhappiness. One day, he travels to Sorak mountain and meets Sun-hi and their son. Sun-hi she urges him to apply for the national art contest. But he fails to get selected and he curses his life and dies in a fork crane accident.

I love that ending.

Did you there is a Korean Movie Database (KMDb)? Of course there is.


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